Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010

Flying into McAllen, Texas from Anchorage, I expected warm, sultry breezes - forgetting that south Texas and northern Mexico can be absolutely frigid in February, and so it was. After a few days in McAllen, we drove to San Antonio hoping for warmer weather, but the warmest thing I found was Grayson's smile. It was a little damp, but oh so sweet.

On February 5, Frosty's daughter Katie gave birth to a little girl. Her name is Charlotte Frances, but she
is to be called Charlie. What an angel!

Back to McAllen for a little dancing and a good visit with our friends Jim and Veti. They have been remodeling their home and it's looking great. Stanley helped out a little, refreshing his construction skills and Veti and I had a good time shopping in the consignment stores that litter the scene in McAllen. It was still cold.

Thinking we would surely find warmer weather in Parras, we returned to our snug little casita. The rest of February drifted by in a haze of wood smoke as we pitted our little fireplace against the bitter cold wind of the Chihuahuan desert. We worked outside most days preparing the new vineyard for the little plants that were to arrive in March. Also, the physical activity helped to keep us from freezing.

We were glad to turn the page on the calendar and look at the warmer days of March.