Sunday, May 24, 2015

December 2014 through May 2015

It has been months since my last post. December, January, February, and March seemed to last forever. Days of therapy, doctor visits, tests, X-rays, MRIs, and more doctor visits in Edinburg passed with very few sparks of pleasure to write about. Finally, I checked into Mission Hospital on April 7th for hip replacement. What a miracle! I went home two days later and quickly progressed from walker to cane. Within six weeks I could walk short distances with no aids. 
Those four months weren't all gloom, doom, and pain. 
I do have a few bright spots to share!


We celebrated Veti's birthday with dinner out.

Celebrated Christmas at home very quietly.

Spent a few days in Mexico in late January.


A trip to Fredericksburg in February. We came back through San Antonio for a brief visit with family.


By March 1st, the wild flowers were beginning to bloom in our Edinburg garden.

We made another trip to Mexico to prune the grapes. I do love the vineyard when it's all orderly.

    Back in Texas it was bluebonnet time.

And Stanley started a new garden in the common area of our park. 


On April 4th, Jim and Veti threw an early birthday/ recovery encouragement party for me. Painting supplies! I must admit that my efforts with those supplies are NOT ready for public viewing.

And then it was Tuesday, April 7 . . . surgery day!

I came home on Thursday and 

On Friday, the rains came. And they kept coming. We have been dealing with excess water now for six weeks . . . My entire recovery time!

Pictures of flooded areas get a bit boring after a while. Time to get a little artsy.


May has been much brighter!
May 4 . . . Beanie and I celebrated birthdays! She had a little help from Elsa.

May 8 . . . Beanie's adoption was final, at last! 

Finally, we can use pictures that show her sweet face!

May 9 . . . Panchi's birthday

May 10 . . . Grayson's birthday

May 16 . . . Emery, my oldest granddaughter received her Master's Degree in History.

May 21 . . . My older daughter, Panchi,  was in Las Vegas celebrating 25 years married to Russell who she calls "the best man ever." 

May 22 . . . Release from Dr. Marina to go to Mexico

May 23 . . . My niece Jackie graduated from U of Maryland.

And, also on that day . . .drum roll

A new great granddaughter for Stanley!

We leave for Mexico on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to an interesting trip with great memories.