Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014

We celebrated Valentine's Day for a whole week beginning on Sunday, Feb. 9th with Jim's Love Poetry. He did a great job of covering the many faces of love and the sparkling wine and chocolates made it all the better.

We went dancing on Wednesday night. Always a pleasure.

On Friday, the park hosted a fantastic tapas dinner. It was all delicious! 

On Saturday, Jim and Veti hosted a great party at their house. Smoked turkey with alllll the trimmings. Afterward, we went to the dance held here in the park. As always, Steve did a great job with the music, and the decorations were lovely. However, I was exhausted and Sunday was going to be a big day. We left early.

We had planned the dance exhibition ages ago when it seemed too far in the future to even think about. Now, it was here. Nerves went into high gear. Turns out - it was a great success. I think everyone who came enjoyed it. The dancers were all nervous about "performing" but when it was all said and done they had a good time. When you have people looking at you, it's hard to relax and enjoy the moment. I do appreciate the enthusiasm of my dancers and their efforts to make the exhibition a hit. 
And a special thank you to Marijane for whipping up this lace costume.

Veti's theater productions were a smashing success. The two plays were both interesting. The first was too funny for words and the second was very thought provoking. 

Stanley and I delivered our collective seven lines with little or no difficulty. 

The cast party was the best yet. Everyone stayed around and visited for a long time. With plenty to eat and drink and no need to run home to see about the kids, the whole cast and crew just relaxed.

We got the clean-up done in short order because we were leaving the next morning for Mexico. The bus trip was uneventful as usual. We arrived in Parras just as the sun was setting.

On Monday morning we got up in time to see this fabulous sunrise. It was time to hit the road running. Not literally of course, but we did get to work bright and early on our list of chores: 


vineyard clean-up, wine bottling, racking, and winery clean-up. In between all this, I've tried to work on the Power Point presentation for next Friday's event, A Taste of Parras. We've gone at high speed all week. 

On Thursday evening, Ferdi and Lucy came by. When Ferdi realized what a time constraint we had, he offered us one of his workers for Friday and Saturday morning. 

What a blessing. This guy can turn and burn. He got so much accomplished!

Not only did he do a great job with the vineyard, he gave my cactus garden a cleaning it won't soon forget. It will be much easier to walk away tomorrow knowing that everything is in good shape.

We even had time to sit down for a great lunch with Ferdi and Lucy on Friday afternoon. Spaghetti with sauce made with venison and Lucy's great home-made pecan liquor for dessert. Yum!

Spring has certainly arrived in Parras! The signs are everywhere!
Two of my favorites . . . 

The lavender is in full bloom!

And tiny buds on the olive tree promise dark rich fruit at summer's end.

Wishing for everyone a warm spring that comes soon. I think everybody is tired of winter this year.