Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3, 2011 - Swingers at Last!

Doesn't this look like fun? It will even be better when I get it decorated, but I couldn't wait to share.

This week Stanley and I celebrated nine years married - every one of them happier than the one before. With a new swing in the back yard, I'm anticipating this next year will be even better.
On Tuesday, as we sat on the patio contemplating the bottle of sparkling wine we would open to celebrate the anniversary, Mr. Vermilion Flycatcher brought his bride by for a visit. They stayed for about fifteen minutes. What a couple!

The week did not pass without troubles. Our life here is pretty much ideal, but there are little rough spots. Here are a couple of the trouble-makers:

The gopher is determined to undermine the entire garden and the squirrel - well, I'm not sure what the squirrel thought he was doing. Did he really think he could catch one of those hummingbirds? I know he and his buddies are omnivores, but I think those sharp beaked little flying machines might be a little more than he could handle.

And then there are the grape thieves. Take a look at these mug shots.

All caught red-handed, lectured, and released on their own recognizance. These little guys find their way into the net and then can't figure out how to escape.  Most of them fly out the moment the gate is opened, but some of them manage to get themselves all tangled up. The good news is that we have very few repeat offenders.

More good news in the bird world.

Phoebe's babies have hatched!
News from the vegetable garden:  We've got lots of beautiful produce!

From left to right egg plant, Swiss chard, beets, peppers, and carrots. All of it yummy!

On Thursday, Maggie delivered the swing. She and Stanley got it installed and we all took turns testing it out. Clara showed up; we all watched the sunset and then had dinner.

The report from the vineyard this week is more ripening. Sugar levels across the vineyard are already up to 20 plus brix. As reported last week, the problem is with the unevenness of the ripening.

The anticipated rain from Tropical Storm Arlene didn't materialize. We got less than half an inch. Sad news for the local farmers.

That's about all the news. Hoping you all have a little swing in your lives.