Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to Mexico

News from the vineyard:  Grapes are ripening much faster than anticipated.  Take a look at these beauties.  Although the sugar count still has a way to go, the color is fabulous!
With the smell of ripening grapes, the birds are impatiently awaiting the official dinner invitation.  Thanks to Antonio, David, and Cruz we got the bird net up just in time. See how tightly it's stretched!  Just try and get in, you nasty grape-eating birds!  Thanks, guys!
OK . . . so the next morning, what did we have?  One bird and one cotton-tailed rabbit.  You know what they say about pride going before the fall?  It's all true.
On to other things.  The back garden isn't quite a spiffy as it usually is.  A gas line has been laid in a trench, but is still uncovered.  The ice plant is taking over some of the path ways and everything either needs pruning or dead-heading, or both. However, there are some things worth noticing like this study in purple.  Purple sage, lavender, the one plum on our baby tree, and the last of the artichoke blooms.
And this lovely tiny cactus blossom.
Last, but not least, we seemed to have left a single radish in the garden while we were gone.  It went just a step past maturity.
Around the hacienda, all the news revolves around water.  First, a new well is going in right inside the entrance
and a new irrigation system is being installed.  This involves hours and hours of tractor work and huge piles of pipe.
The hill sides are crispy brown.  There has been no rain since late last summer, and very little then.  However, we have enjoyed some remarkable sunsets.  One evening was full of monsters.
Then there was Solstice Sunset

Solo Vino always like to kick back with us at the end of the day.  
Hoping you're all kicked back and enjoying a lazy summer evening.