Sunday, June 18, 2023

Continuing Mílan

On Friday, we visited the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. What a man! The museum showed all aspects of his work from science to engineering to art. At times it all blended together. We spent hours there.

After the museum we went in search of food and we found a winner. A garden restaurant with excellent food and wine. Thankfully, we had learned our lesson about over indulgence. We shared an entree and drank wine by the glass - not the bottle. Who knew monkfish could be such a treat. 

On Saturday, we went to a local street market that went on for blocks! Everything from soup to nuts plus pans to cook the soup, a new dress to wear while cooking the soup, a sample of every vegetable grown in Italy, raw fish, cooked fish, raw chicken, cooked chicken, plants . . . .  you name it, they had it.

Then we went shoe shopping for Stanley. I will spare you the difficulties of finding the shoe store, but the happy result was a pair of beautiful handmade Italian shoes for him that he may very well only wear one time. 

The bonus of the shopping trip was its location, Piazza Sempione, a beautiful tree lined street packed with beautiful stores, bars, and coffee shops, all focused on the Arch of Peace, Arco della Pace, a beautiful historical marker that we probably wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t gone shoe shopping. 

Sunday, was the day for the long talked about and long planned trip to Lake Como. Wouldn’t you know Stanley got up feeling lousy for the first time in our entire journey?!?!?!? He refused to give up on the trip and off we went. The trip to the Lake wasn’t bad at all. We had comfortable seats on the bus and the time went by quickly. The only thing wrong with the boating across the lake was being unprepared for how chilly it could be, but aside from being downright cold, the boat trip was wonderful. We went for miles around the edge of the lake. 

On to Bellagio. A lunch I could have done without. 

Some super expensive shops, some very interesting bathroom locations

And the gardens. They were beautiful!

I have to give a shout out to our guides. They were super!

We were ready to call it a day but more was planned. We drove to the town of Como where we were to walk to the center of town for a historical tour. Stanley and  I decided a beer sitting in the shade and people watching was more to our liking. We did walk down to the lake but that’s about all we saw of the town. 

90 minutes later we were back in Milan and 30 minutes after that we were in our cozy little flat. Exhausted! But I would do it all again if I could have more time in those gardens.