Saturday, February 9, 2008

kathump, kathump, kathump

Here we are at the wedding - happy and healthy! Who could ask for more?!?
From left to right: Stanley, Dona, Sarah holding Grayson, Sarah's husband David, Trey, Panchi's daughter Allyson, Panchi, Panchi's husband Russell, Panchi's daughter Emery, and Sarah's son Zac.

I would like to thank each of you for remembering me in your prayers and meditations the last few weeks. The long-awaited catheter ablation procedure was done on Thursday afternoon and appears to be 100% successful. My heart has always had a mind of its own so there is no way of knowing what mischief it may fall into in the future, but for now all is well! A heart in good sinus rhythm for the first time in years is a wonderful gift and even better so close to Valentines Day.

Aside from the restriction of “strenuous activity,” I’m good to go. I will see the doctor on Monday and we should know then how much longer we need to stay in San Antonio.

I am grateful for a steady heartbeat, all the people in my life who have made this process as painless as possible, and the promise of going home soon.

On a different note, the wedding last Saturday night was beautiful. Anyone who plans an outdoor wedding the first week-end in February is either crazy or totally convinced that they are truly blessed! I don’t which category my nephew and his bride fall into, but either way, the weather was spectacular and the whole affair was a delight. Having all of my kids together was an added blessing.

Until the next time - kathump, kathump, kathump!

For those of you with limited imaginations - that's my heart beating out "I love you."

Take care of your own heart and the hearts of those you love!