Saturday, March 15, 2008

The doctor said, "We're finished here."

Our trip to San Antonio last week was mainly for the purpose of visiting Dr. Jayaram hoping for a final release following my recent cardiac procedure. I am happy to report that I got just what I wanted! The doctor told me that I don’t need to see him again unless I have a new problem because this one has been resolved! I thank all of you who held me in your thoughts and prayers through this ordeal. I know this was a small thing compared to the struggles that many of you have endured, but it was a scary time for me and I appreciate the sweet response of my friends and family.

On a lighter note, Stanley and I have found a great place to dance in San Antonio and we managed to go twice on this trip. We give the Martinez Social Club a Five Star rating! It’s a long way from my mom’s house – in fact it’s on the very opposite side of town, but it’s worth the drive. It has the very best dance floor we’ve ever danced on – a half acre of smooth hardwood. It’s worth noting that we have had a different band on each visit and they have all been great! The people are mostly our age and older but it’s amazing how well many of them move around the floor. Some of them don’t move very fast, but they all love to dance! And speaking of dance . . .

Jack and Jill, our resident red-tailed hawks, are back! I watched them for about ten minutes this afternoon as they glided effortlessly back and forth across the valley. Now, the cynics among you may say that they were hunting, but it looked like dancing to me. They covered their space in long, elegant moves so gracefully that I could almost hear the music. So involved with their swoops and steps, they never even knew I was there.

I’m taking today’s life lesson from those birds: “Dance like nobody’s watching!”

Until next time – shall we dance?