Friday, November 14, 2008

Here, There, Aransas Pass, Here and There Again

Our patio is now furnished! We are on the lookout now for art and textiles to finish it off. The orchid is a cymbidium that we purchased at Costco in February. It was in bloom when we bought it and this is the first time it has bloomed since. Isn't it lovely?
October 13 - Back in San Antonio, this time for the installation of my crown and for Stanley to see the doctor about some nagging arm pain that has been going on for several weeks and getting worse. The doctor drew a quart of blood and told us that he would get back to us with the results and a plan of action.

October 18 - Still no word from the doctor so we decided to check out Aransas Pass and the Great Birding Trail on our way back to Mexico. We will be close enough to San Antonio to get back quickly if we need to. If there is no need to hurry back, we will be on our way home. Seeing Aransas Pass will be a bonus.

We enjoyed the trip. We didn't see as many birds as we thought we might, but we will certainly go back - probably at a time later in the winter, December or January.

October 22 - We finally talked to the doctor. All lab results were fine. We made an appointment with a specialist for November 21. We are on our way to Perote.

October 29 - We went to Torreon to take care of our immigration papers, a chore that has to be done every year at this time.

October 31 - We racked all 2008 red wine making no additional adjustments to acid. We added potassium metabisulphate according to directions. The samples had great taste and fabulous color. The pressed wine was more interesting than the free run.The 2008 white wine is still in the refrigerator. It is beginning to clear.

November 4 - We have a new president. It is exciting to think about the challenges he faces and the many opportunities we all have to help make his presidency successful.
November 6 - I learned that Mrs. Lowrance, my children's paternal grandmother, passed away last night. She was a very important figure for the kids when they were growing up. We will all miss her.

November 11 - Solo Vino went to the vet this morning. He has an infected foot. He did not like being left there at all and he was very glad to see us that afternoon. I am so lucky to have a good vet who is so patient with me. He really tries to explain things in my kind of Spanish so that I understand. He is also willing to make house calls. Wow!

November 12 & 13 - The vet came both days to clean Solo Vino's foot and change the dressing. It is almost well.

November 14 - We will be leaving for San Antonio in a few days. We are looking forward to seeing Stanley's specialist, my brother's wedding and Thanksgiving with the family.

As I write this we are already beginning to shut down our home here. By now we have this down to a science. Some things we leave out and some things are tucked away. The plants on the patio are moved to the bodega. The garden plants get extra water. The refrigerator gets cleaned. Laundrey gets done. Clothes are packed. Solo Vino's food is moved to the bodega. Security doors are closed and locked. Drapes are pulled. Off we go!