Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don's Visit - October 2009

Our friend Don flew into San Antonio. We picked him up when we took my mom back home after her visit. As always, he was a joy to be around. We tried to put him to work in the vineyard, but as you can see, he was mostly ornamental. However, with a smile like that he can pose in the vineyard anytime! Hurry back, Don.

What would a visit from Don be without friends, mariachis, and goat? Drab indeed!

Taking Don back to Texas, we traveled the old road between Parras de la Fuente and Saltillo. We stopped to visit the Dinosaur Museum. It was pretty much what we expected: not too much science; lots of mysticism.

Trish arrived, stylishly dressed as always, sporting a large pumpkin hat. Could it be Halloween?

The day was lovely for a walk along the river and through the Alamo.

Would you believe? Trish arrived celebrating Halloween and before she left, the river was being decorated for Christmas.