Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

We got an early start on Christmas Day.  Mom, Stanley and I went to watch Grayson find his gifts from Santa Claus!  When we arrived it was still dark, but the Christmas lights helped us find our way to the front door.  Shortly after Stanley got settled with his newspaper, Grayson came tripping down the stairs.  
He was most anxious to know if Santa had found his milk and cookies, and he was more than a little disturbed that Santa had left half a cookie. 

He couldn't spend too much time on that problem because there was a mountain of gifts to unwrap.
It was quite a show!  At one point Grayson had to take a break!

Whew!  Just too many!
I had never heard of a Pillow Pet before December 20th, but it was all Grayson talked about. 

He was thrilled!

Later, we were joined by David's family.  We had a great Mexican food lunch.  Delicious!
Then, in the afternoon, we all met at Frosty and Jill's home for Christmas cookies.

In the end, we all agreed it had been a delightful day!