Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Tribute to Keith

On Sunday, we drove to Mobile to visit the USS Alabama.  
It was a very special time.
For several years, my mother had a gentleman friend, Keith Smith.
My mother always describes him as a 'fine man.'
During World War II, his job was mechanic/navigator/observer in an amphibious, observation plane, catapult launched from the battleship Alabama.
Sitting in the second seat of that plane, he developed a repertoire of stories that would fill thousands of hours.  In many ways, it defined the man he was to be.
We found his name among the hundreds who served aboard the Alabama during the war.
Later, we found one of the planes on display in the pavilion.
The seat right above #3 would have been Keith's seat.

Keith has since passed away, but he is remembered fondly by my family.

I hope he knows we were there and the respect we have for him and his service.
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