Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Nothing Fancy
Just my very best wishes for all of you!  
May you have a joyous Christmas!

Love, Dona

Here's a Christmas Memory for You.

Illinois.  Snow.  Ice.  White!
Shuffle to Aunt Carol's house.
Back to Aunt Ann's
Watch Joseph.  He's into everything!
Where is Philip?  Where is that boy?
"You know, they really aren't my boys.  Remember?"

Christmas Eve:
Coats.  Scarves.  Hats.  Mittens.
Bone Chilling Cold Outside.
The church stifling hot.

Back at Aunt Ann's.
"Boys, you better calm down.
Mom's in a BAD mood."

How will Santa know we're here?
So tempting to say, "He probably won't know."
Oh, but he knows.  He always knows.

Christmas Morning
Presents.  Toys. 
Too Much.  Too Little.
Too Late.  Too Early.

For me . . .
A baby doll, my last.
Nylon hose, my first.

Next Day
Pack up. Early Start.
We're Going Back Home.  "Thank God."

Stuck in the middle.  LONG TRIP!
One brother old enough to know better.
The other, obviously to young to discipline.

Illinois.  Missouri.  Arkansas.  Oklahoma, Texas.
You never looked so good.