Sunday, December 9, 2012

Parras, November 2012 Waiting for the Visas

In spite of all the stress while we were waiting for all the paperwork to clear in Torreon, we had some good times in Parras.  Tops on the list was a visit from a good friend, Enrique Sada and his friend Liliana Uribe.

Just a word about Liliana - precious.  She is a published poet, mother, model, advocate for women - especially in the production of Native crafts, She is an example to all of us.  Besides that, she's drop dead gorgeous.  Thanks, Enrique for bringing her into our lives.  We are richer for having met her.  

We exchanged books about Parras - the book I gave him is in English which he will consume in an afternoon - the book he gave me is in Spanish and it will take forever and nine days for me to finish it.  Oh, well, all in good fun!  We took wine glasses out to the back garden to watch the sun set as we talked about books and travels and grape/wine production.  We finished off the evening with dinner at the Hostel Farol.  Always a treat!

Next morning after breakfast we went on a small tour following the aqueducts

from Perote

to downtown Parras.

We all enjoyed the visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, one Stanley and I had never visited.

Details on the inside were very interesting.
The object in the lower left hand corner depicts the archangels in all their glory.  An unusual piece.  All of the art is old and much of it is crumbling.  I'm so glad we saw it before it deteriorates more.

After a tour of the Santa Madero Chapel and a quick look at the Plaza del Reloj, it was time for lunch
When I suggested Casa Vieja I had no idea it was one of Enrique's favorite places.  Happy coincidence.  And a happy end to a great day.  

Other note-worthy items:
November roses.  Still blooming and fragrant.  The lucky roses that bloom in November last a lot longer than the ones blooming in July.  And, we appreciate them even more!
Okra, gone to seed.  I just thought it was interesting!
The vineyard at its unruly best!  

A world of lemon grass.
Living several days in a world lit only by fire - always a good experience.

New pavement both on the entrance road and almost all the parking lots.

No pictures to share, but other highlights were all about wine.  We had plenty of time to rack all our wine from 2012 and complete the bottling of 2011 wine.  We also had the privileged of helping Ernesto and his family rack their 2012 wine.  

We took a couple of barrels to the shop for repairs; had nice meal with Catherine and Roberto at the Enoteca; got to know Paco, Monica, and Alien a little better (thanks for the pumpkin pie - it was delicious); missed seeing Nacho when he flew through town; had some great coffee at the coffee shop with Monica; and celebrated Thanksgiving with a thick grilled steak a la Narro.  Aside from the visa situation, it was a pretty nice November!