Sunday, April 7, 2013

January, February,and March 2013

Looking out the window on a balmy day in early April, through the pecan trees in full dress spring uniform, to the cloudless blue sky, it seems like a good moment to reflect on the past three months.

January 2013

After the big Christmas rush and New Year's celebrations, we were ready to enjoy January in Edinburg.  Being in Edinburg is all about filling in the empty spaces of our lives in Mexico.  We speak English, throw dinner parties, watch TV, read the newspaper, visit with friends, go to dance class, swim, and explore the produce and fish departments of our fabulous grocery store.  We discuss politics, books, and movies with people who agree with us and others who have a very different view of life.  In other words, we engage with the world on a much broader basis than we enjoy in Mexico.  Both worlds are wonderful, but extremely different.

Thanks to the bureaucracy in Mexico, we had to return at the end of January to attend to the visa situation. We really thought our visas would be ready to pick up, but alas they were not.  The only thing we accomplished was the return of the first Permiso and obtaining a second one.  

No sense in wasting time waiting for the immigration officials in Torreon to do their job.  Stanley got busy pruning grape vines.  What a job!

As always, there was no shortage of beautiful sunrises

or sunsets.  And there were some other perks . . . 

Orange aloe in bloom

the lavender bed

And time with Solo Vino.

Work on the new entrance was moving right along.

A motor cycle rally was in full swing.

And a full moon was the perfect subject for camera play.

And, did I mention sunsets?  What a place to unwind at the end of the day with crackers, cheese, and a glass or two of wine.
The Nativity Scene was still up at the Parras bus station on February 4 when we boarded the bus for Texas.  I couldn't resist a picture.  These people really know how to celebrate Christmas.  

February 2013

Back in Edinburg, our lives were again full of friends and family.  We made a trip to San Antonio to be with Sarah and David at the hearing regarding the parental rights of Little Sweet Pea's parents.  It was very disappointing.  As it turned out, this was only the beginning of a long round of hearings.  At this moment in early April, the issue is still unresolved.  

Thank goodness Grayson was on the job to provide a little amusement and lighten the mood.  The entire Kindergarten class at his school put on a square dance.  As a grandmother, I can assure you I was mighty proud.

Swing your partners and do-si-do.

Trey and Zac looking good and enjoying the program . . . each in his own way.

The next evening, after dinner Grayson and I tried our luck at mechanics.  He was much better than I.  I don't suppose anyone is surprised by that.

On the way back to Edinburg we stopped at the Rest Stop at Falfurrias.  More about the inset picture later.

Lots of wild flowers and butterflies. 

Back in Edinburg, there was lunch with a gaggle of gals.
And a wonderful concert by the Rio Grande Orchestra.  I'm always amazed by this group.  They are incredibly talented.  

And a great bird watching adventure with Dave and Sandy.  Here are some of my best shots:

We topped off the trip with a stop in Roma

 With spectacular river views from the cliffs

And the little town that's almost too western to believe.

I can't forget Valentine Celebration.  New friends, old friends, and us.  

March 2013

We spent the first three weeks of March in Mexico in a great flurry of weeding, watering, and tying up of vines.

The holly bush had made a jungle of its own.  It HAD to be pruned!

Our scrawny little plum tree was covered in bloom!

Grape vines - some large, some just starting out - were a joy to watch!

The pink roses smell so sweet.  The fragrance is incredible.  

Solo Vino is exhausted.

Blooms in the cactus garden come in all sizes and colors and shapes.

Another positive point . . . we finally got our new Mexican visas.  We will not have to face the immigration office in Torreon until November of 2014.  

Back in Edinburg for Semana Santa, we found a garden full of blooms.

 Remember the sweet little plant from Falfurrias.  Here it is alive and well.  Don't tell anyone.


Retama blooms.  Aren't they fabulous?!?

We had a delightful week with friends in Edinburg.  Easter Sunday was especially nice.  We had a great dinner with Cher, Steve, Veti, and Jim.  Then lo and behold Robar and Luci came by the house with a platter of goodies and wine and a good visit.

And that brings us to the end of March.  Wishing everyone a beautiful spring!