Monday, July 22, 2013

April 2013

Back in Mexico, I got in touch with Manuel Rivero, the director of Pueblo Magico for Parras de la Fuente.  I told him that Stanley and I wanted to help support a group of matachines (traditional native dancers) and we wanted his help.  With his help we were able to make a donation to the group from the Iglesia de Santo Nino, the church just down the street from Perote.  Dona Licia, the group's leader, is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her retirement years to leading this group of young people.
Stanley took this picture of me with Dona Licia in her home.

A few days later we went up to check on our investment.  The kids were hard at work.  I can't wait to see them all dressed up in their new costumes.

At the hacienda, some old friends were returning for the summer.

We had beautiful cactus blooms including this old favorite.  You have to keep your eye on this one.  It has a fabulous flower, but it's only open a short time.  The first picture was taken about 20 minutes before the one on the right.  Within an hour it was closed.

Two more short-lived beauties.

There is never a shortage of beautiful sunsets!

Work on the entrada continues.

By the 10th of April, the vineyard was already well on its way to grape production . . .

and the vegetable garden was seeded!

Another full moon.

Another sunset.

Back in Edinburg for a few days.  Knowing that we probably wouldn't see Jim and Veti for months due to travel and other obligations, we made the most of our time.  We traded off - one dinner at our house and then one at theirs.  Finally, we had to go.  May was calling with all kinds of adventures.  But before we left, this beautiful little guy showed up to check out the poppy garden.  I took the picture through the screen so it isn't very clear, but on close inspection it's plain to see what we have here is a Painting Bunting.