Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013 - Part 2

It's amazing what a little rain can do.  In the desert, things happen quickly.  Our mountains are a deeper shade of green than we have seen.  And the flowers . . . it's amazing!

Prickly beauties!

And blooms of a softer sort!

One early morning we looked out the door to find a woman modeling in front of the bodega.  You just never know what you might see.
Later that evening this young woman came by to visit.  She knew we were from the United States and said she wanted to practice her English, which was already perfect.  We asked if she would like a glass of wine and she said, "Sure."  There didn't seem to be anything she couldn't talk about.  So much poise.  I almost fainted the next day when her mother told me she had just turned 15.  

Last Friday night Perote put on its wedding clothes.  I'm always amazed at how elegant it can look when it's all dressed up for a fancy occasion.

The following Sunday afternoon this great bunch of friends from Torreon came by for a visit.  The tall guy in the middle grows different varieties of agave.  Anyone interested in starting a desert garden?

In other news, my baby brother turned 50 this month!  For some reason that makes me feel older than my own 65th birthday in May.  

Sarah and David have a new foster child.  No, they didn't turn the first one back, they just added on.  Sweet Pea is still just as sweet as can be and we are still waiting for the courts to make a reasonable judgement.

Panchi has been transferred from Principal of Alpine Middle School to Principal of Alpine High School.

Jesse is in Alaska for a short time.  I know he is glad to be off the island of Guam for a while.

I'm actually making progress with my study of Italian.

The XM radio broke and so now our only news is the digital New York Times.  I miss Bob Edwards.

With white wine fermenting in the fridge, I have learned to deal with one shelf quite nicely.

Stanley is still my best friend.

And that about wraps it up.

As busy as July was for us, I know that August will be even busier.  Of course, we are looking forward to the big celebration, but it comes with long days in the vineyard.  Always fun, but sometimes exhausting.

Wishing everyone a great month ahead.