Monday, October 14, 2013

Things I Love About Rovinj

We are wrapping up our third extended stay in Rovinj and we have loved every minute, but not every minute is a blog-worthy adventure.  We do laundry, we go for walks around the neighborhood, we shop for groceries - all stuff that makes up day to day life.  But stuck in the cracks of the routine are little things I love but seldom mention. 

Except for sunsets.  I mention them a lot and here is one more for the books.
How about dried figs?  By the bag.  Yes, I've had more than one bag.

Language.  Croatians speak so many different languages, I can't keep track:  Almost every adult speaks three or more of the following: German, English, Slovenian, Russian, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian, and Italian. Then there is the odd smattering of French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and others that I can not begin to name.

The top part of this sign is in Slovenian.  It is a warning to beware of falling objects.  The bottom is quite plainly in English.  It makes you wonder who's been causing problems.

Crocus growing wild almost everywhere.  With enough patience I could bring all my friends a pint of saffron.  Yes, it's the real stuff.

The bluest sky you've ever seen!

Insects and boats that both look like they just stepped out of the Book of Revelations.

The yacht service center just down the street where something is always going on.

Gray, stormy skies.

I never get tired of looking at our little town from all the many viewpoints. 

We recycle EVERYTHING!

The boat that takes us to Lim Canal and on other excursions.

And the boat that takes us to Red Island.

The weather vane on top of the Basilica bell tower.  The figure you see on the top rotates to indicate wind direction.  St. Euphemia had quite a ride last night in the wind storm!

And an ocean that has an infinite number of personalities.

Of course, the food plays a big part in my life here in Rovinj.  

Going to the bakery

the meat market

the fish market

and the vegetable market and finding only the very freshest of everything is quite a treat.  Here, in no particular order are some of the meals I've made in my tiny kitchen during the last few days.

And then . . . 
There are lots of interesting fungi

And red berries a plenty.

The beaches are all rock which eliminates the two things I dislike about most beaches:  sand and that icky fishy smell.

Songbirds.  Especially the one hiding in this tree.  I have seen him fly away many times, but I have never been able to photograph him.  His song is beautiful and he sings all day.

I love the rooftops, coffee shops, solar powered dryers

and pedestrian streets.

I love the truffles.  The smell alone can put me into an emotional state.

Croatian olive oil is in its own special class.  Delicious!

I buy produce from several vendors, but these two are my favorites. 

 And then there's gelato.  I don't know what they put in that stuff, but it's powerfully addictive.    

I love eating at Mario's.  For one, the fish is delicious.  Two, the servings are way too generous which means there is always something to take home.  Three is the doggy bag itself.  I submit that all doggy bags should come complete with bread and wine.

Perhaps the thing I love best about Rovinj is discovering all the little details with Stanley.  He's about the best traveling companion you could imagine except for this insane need to find good beer on draft everywhere we go.  

Well, yesterday he finally found one in Rovinj: Valalta Pivo.  The poor guy just has no luck with this beverage.  He found it yesterday and we are leaving Rovinj today.  I can only hope he finds something he likes in Zagreb.