Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

The last few days have been a real mix.  Household chores, laundry, two trips to the beach, at least one glorious sunset, home-cooked meals, and an octopus someone else cooked, a couple of interesting animal sightings, bright blinding sunlight, and buckets of rain. 
On Tuesday morning, 9/24 we sent Frosty, Jill, and Jake off on the bus.  They were starting out on a killer trip that would take them to Trieste, Rome, Athens, and finally Santorini.  We got a taste of what it feels like to be left behind.  

First things first:  On the way back to the apartment that morning, we stopped at the market for produce, the bakery, the meat market, the fish market, and finally the supermarket.  With all the company related activities, we had bought only what we needed each day and now that we were going to set up housekeeping in our little apartment, we needed everything.

Back at the house, it was time to unpack and get organized. The laundry we uncovered took two days to wash, dry and put away.

 And we discovered this little cactus.  She had been hidden among the other plants on our balcony.

The little herbs we bought in Pula are doing very well.  They will make a tasty addition to our meals.

The big sailing ship we saw leaving Rovinj on our first night in town came skittering back.  What is there about a sailboat that evokes such emotion?

Our first trip to the beach this season.  We chose Cross Cape.  The fish lunch was delicious, but it was way too cool to enjoy the beach for very long.  

I always enjoy cooking here in Rovinj.  The ingredients are so fresh and the fish is a real treat!  These are the fixings for Dalmatian Brudet.

It poured buckets of rain all day Sunday.  I'm talking big buckets! This was the clearest view of the church across the water that we got all day!

Some days are great for animal sightings and 9/30 was one of those days.  First, a giant snail slithered across my path and then later that evening this great, black spider came hunting bugs on our balcony.

October 1st, we made a trip to Red Island.  The sunshine was glorious even though the temperature never made it to the 70 degree mark.  There was no wind and that made all the difference.

 Walking back through town, we couldn't believe how many fishing boats were tied up.  I counted nine where there are usually only two or three at this time of day.

These guys were involved in a full-scale net repair job.

Earlier that morning we had made a stop by the Train Station Restaurant to order our dinner for the evening.  We remembered this from last year as one of our best Rovinj meals and we were anxious to see if we had remembered correctly!  We stopped by on the way back to the apartment to see how it was coming along.  We could smell it cooking long before we could see it.  Wow!

It was just as good as we remembered.  Maybe even better!  

I'm always on the look-out for a brilliant sunset and this one did not disappoint.  All in all, the day was perfect!