Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"A Taste of Parras"

"A Taste of Parras" is now just a pleasant memory. 

Goat Cheese with Apricot Jam                                                           Flautas de Pollo with Cherry Tomato/Melon Salad           
Cream Cheese with Raspberry Chipotle                          
Stuffed Grape Leaves with SourYogurt                                               Salados Crackers and Corn Chips      
Chardonnay/Simeon White Wine from Casa Madero
Lamb or Pork Skewers                                                        
Pico de Gallo                                                                                        Refried Beans        
Flour Tortillas  
Sarah from Casa Madero
Cabernet Sauvignon from Casa Madero
Hecho a Mano Red Blend
Pecan Extravaganza Dessert: 
Pecan Tarts
Pecan Ice Cream
Pecan Candy from Parras
Pecan Liquueur

It sounds like an ambitious menu, but almost all of it was prepped early. The grape leaves and pecan tarts, and candies were farmed out. Many thanks to the staff at Sahadi's, my good friend Ellen and Tonita's Dulces.

The rest of the cooking was done by Don and Vanessa. It was all delicious and beautifully presented. Words cannot express how much I appreciate all their effort.

Calling in favors from everyone on my list, Veti provided the music - beautiful Mexican ballads on the piano- and Jim helped Stanley serve the wine.

Our two food servers made their job look effortless.

The Power Point presentation was well received. Most of the narrative and the pictures came directly from back issues of this blog so there were few surprises for regular readers.

It was a fun project for me to put together. My only intention was to share this place in Mexico we have come to love with my Texas friends, and to introduce them to some new tastes in food and wine. As a bonus we raised a tidy sum for the Food Pantry. 

I'm checking the evening off as a success.