Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Looking back on March 2014

The first week of March was dedicated exclusively to "A Taste of Parras." Between finishing up the narrative and finding the pictures to illustrate my ideas, I spent most of that week with my head focused on the computer. My body decided this would be a good time to go from being just a little sick to really sick. Thank goodness for Don and Vanessa. If they hadn't agreed to do all the cooking, I would have been sunk!

The week after "A Taste of Parras" I finally had time to relax and let my body heal. Even at that, the bronchitis didn't go away completely for another three weeks. Talk about a stubborn illness.

We were in San Antonio March 19-24. Stanley had dental appointments and we got to have some grandparent time which at this time of life involves homework.

Beans doing her writing exercises. Looks like she's going to be a lefty.

Then Grayson had a spelling session with his father. I wanted to remind David of what Mark Twain thought of spelling, but I thought it might not play well. But just in case he's reading: "I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way."

On Friday, I went to school with Grayson to celebrate Cowboy Day. What a good time.

On Saturday afternoon we drove out to Frosty's deer lease outside Hondo. It was a rainy afternoon so we basically sat around the fire and told stories.

Sunday morning was just as wonderful as Saturday had been icky.
Even with the sun shining, it wasn't easy getting Stanley and Red out of bed.

A look inside the cabin.

And outside. That tank is going to be oh sooo nice this summer.

After breakfast, we went for a ride around the place.

 I got some great looks at wild flowers.

For me, the best botany find were the mountain laurels. Hundreds of them in full bloom.

Everybody had their heads down looking for arrowheads. I won't go into detail about what everyone else found. As for me, the score was "zip."

We were in court bright and early Monday morning waiting anxiously to hear what the powers that be might decide about the fate of Beans. This hearing had been on the docket for months, but when we arrived we were told the hearing had been postponed indefinitely.To say the least, it was quite a disappointment. 

After going with Sarah to attend to another piece of unpleasant business, Stanley and I left to return to the valley. I had hoped to get some good wildflower shots, but it just wasn't to be. First, there were not the sweeping vistas of flowers I had hoped for, and second, the sun refused to shine on the few flowers I found.

Here is the best of the photos I took.

Back in Edinburg, the week flew by. So many of our Snow Bird Friends are getting ready to leave for parts north. The week was full of good-byes including the saddest kind of all. Our good friend Nancy passed away on Friday after suffering a brain aneurysm. And so on Sunday afternoon, we said our final good-byes to her. 

I took these photos of our Texas garden just before leaving on Monday morning. Our flower garden still hasn't exploded with color, but it's getting there.

The bus ride to Mexico was uneventful, but I must admit it gets longer every time.

On Tuesday morning, Solo Vino and I went for a long walk.  We heard and saw lots of birds, but nothing new.

Nothing much new in the plant world either, but Solo Vino and I decided it was a happy walk all the same.

And so . . . we have already used up 1/4 of 2014. How time flies . . . except when I'm on the bus.

I wonder what's in store for me in April! Happy Spring!