Monday, May 5, 2014

April - Part 1

First things first, I'd like to wish everyone a happy day today! It's Cinco de Mayo . . . not the popular holiday here in Mexico that it is in the US, but a reason to celebrate nonetheless. 

Now, for the April news!

Our week in Mexico flew by. Stanley spent most of his time in the vineyard tying up vines and trying to keep them orderly.

I met with Conchita, the woman who organizes our Vendimia celebration and many other events for the Alianza, and puttered around the house. Solo Vino and I went for several walks, but we didn't find much of anything worth reporting. 

During the week, we had several nice surprises in the garden:

The world's shortest blooming cactus.

A recycled bird nest in the cholla.

Our barrel cactus sporting a new crown.

And the hummingbird tree in full bloom.

We had some beautiful sunsets:

We had some nice time with Ernesto, Antonio, and Estela, but the social highlight of the week was a picnic with Ferdi and Lucy at Hacienda Marquis.

We had worked hard all morning getting things ready to leave so Sunday afternoon was a time to relax and enjoy the company of good friends. After a delicious exotic lunch of cochinita pibil made with javelina meat,

we went for a tour of their new vineyard with Mani, Lucy, Ferdi, and Rafa.

Back at Perote, we had a quick tour of our own vineyard and Stanley got high marks for his work.

Stanley was just trying to enjoy one last sunset before an early morning call at the bus station on Monday morning, but this little bug refused to leave him in peace. Over and over, she crawled back up the side of the chair to pester him. I was beginning to think we would have to take her with us to Texas, finally, she got the hint and crawled off. 

A long uneventful bus trip back to Texas on Monday. On Tuesday, we drove to San Antonio, had dinner with the kids, a visit with Frosty and Jill, and early to bed. On Wednesday morning, Stanley had an early morning dentist appointment. We had thought this would be the last one, but it seems we will have to go back at least once more. Sigh. Wednesday afternoon, he drove us back to Edinburg so that I could be at Book Club Thursday morning. He is so very patient with me. 

The masses of Heart's Delight we saw just south of Falfurrias were impressive. More than we have ever seen before. Other wildflowers have been somewhat disappointing down Hwy 281 and IH37, but the Heart's Delight were at their best.

After all the goings and comings, we thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace of the next few days in Edinburg.

Part 2 will be published in just a bit. Stay tuned.