Thursday, August 14, 2014

June 2014

After a great week-end visit with Ken and Ivy, we headed for Seguin, planning to stay at the historic Magnolia Hotel. It was closed! After a quick look around the town square, we decided to move on to San Antonio. The FF Hotel may not be historic, but the price is right and we are always welcome.

The next big event was Zac's high school graduation. His best pictures - like the ones above - always include his cousin Emery. She knows how to bring out his best smiles. Congratulations, Zac! Way to go!

On Sunday I put Stanley on the plane to visit Don in California. Don had had some nasty heart surgery and Stanley wanted a visit. I wanted time with the kids in San Antonio so it all worked out. I also saw some movies I knew Stanley wouldn't find interesting, did some shopping, and basically just hung out.

The following Sunday he returned to San Antonio and we spent the next week either here at the Bexar County Courthouse or at the dentist. Yes, both the dramas in our lives continued all through June. 

Sweet Pea's biological parents refused to give up the fight and were determined to go through the trial process, but in the end they were denied custody. They waited until the very last moment to file an appeal and so that drama continues. 

Stanley's dental issues continue as well. We have another (final?!?!?!) appointment on August 27th and we certainly hope that will be the final one.

The third drama has had a happy ending.The San Antonio Spurs won the NBA championship. I'm sure my mom was watching. She's had that victory celebration planned for a long time!

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the drama, Grayson had Inventor's Camp and he loved it! Here he is on the last day of camp showing of his car, "Bad Boy." What a kid!

And Sweet Pea was totally oblivious to it all. She was kicking in some large green shoes without a care in the world.

Back in Edinburg for a few days to recover from all the drama, cook a few meals, do a little gardening, and relax.

Another long bus ride back to Mexico arriving just in time to catch the remnants of another luscious sunset.

Next day, we were at Jardin Botanico bright and early to see the progress on the new winery location. Having exhausted the space we have here at Perote, we really do need to move, but there is a lot of work to be done!

July is going to be one full month!