Thursday, October 1, 2009

After all the grapes were harvested, crushed, fermented, pressed and put to rest, we needed a change of scenery . . . grape harvest in Ensenada with our good friend Nacho Chacon was just the ticket. We arrived in Tijuana and went directly to the hotel where we were introduced to one of Mexico's most famous bullfighters, Eloy Cavasos.

Back row L-R: Mary (Eloy's wife), Antonieta, Eloy, and Nacho

That day we walked the streets of Tijuana, visited an art gallery, and treated ourselves to a delightful dinner.

On Monday, we left for Ensenada with Nacho, Antonieta and Issac. On the way, we stopped at Puerto Nuevo for longosta, delicious little sea creatures that pass for baby lobsters. Ummmm yummy!

On to Ensenada . . . We had a grand time beginning with a walking tour of town.