Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frances Comes to Visit - October 2009

October was a busy month for us. We drove to San Antonio, spent a few days and traveled back to Parras de la Fuente with my mom. She stayed with us for almost two weeks. We had a great time taking her around, introducing her to our friends, and showing her our town. Unfortunately, the pictures were lost in a computer melt-down. After a lengthy period of procrastination, a mind-wrenching hike up a learning curve, and no small amount of frustration, I have scanned some of the pictures that
were printed before the melt-down.
We had a Mexican fiesta for her with all the
trimmings. A sampling of friends who came to meet her: Dr. Felix and his family on the left, Dora and Antonio on the right.

The three featured attractions

of the evening were:



BLANCA - who does
everything around here - with a smile!

The next morning, another group of friends came for brunch on the patio. My very good friend Estela is waving from the end of the table.

Solo Vino was still enjoying left-overs from the night before.

Her visit fell during the pecan harvest and she enjoyed watching the process. Can you imagine how tired these guys must be at the end of a long day of stoop labor? They still had enough good humor to tease me about selling their picture to some magazine in Hollywood. They were waiting for their bags to be weighed and counted.

Meeting Tonita is a mandatory stop on any tour of Parras. She makes candy the old-fashioned way: in a huge copper kettle over an open fire. She wasn't actually in production the day we dropped by, but she was more than willing to pose with her new friend.

Santa Maria was another favorite on my mom's list. Santa Maria resides in her namesake church on the principal square of Parras. She is the town's patron and guardian of the grapevines.

We enjoyed every moment of mom's visit. It's always fun to show her new places - it makes her eyes sparkle.