Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

This has been the week of our friend Antonio's vineyard project.
Last year, he planted his vines and installed his irrigation system.
The project for this spring was to put in posts and wire.
Last Sunday, Stanley and I made a field trip to the big
vineyard down the road to check out how they were doings things.
Antonio wanted to use steel posts as Casa Madero does instead of the all-wood
system we chose.  He would also be using the same bracing
system Casa Madero uses.
There is nothing like learning new tricks.

Our second reason for making the trip was to see if their
vines were doing anything better than ours were.
They weren't!

On Tuesday morning, bright and early, Stanley and I met the workers
at Antonio's vineyard.
We helped them plan the use of their materials and stayed with
them until the first two rows were finished.
By Friday afternoon, half the vineyard was done.
Fast work!

Meanwhile, spring was coming on at Perote!
The collage below tells the story better than words.
The photo on the left was taken on 2/25;
the photo on the right was taken 3/17.
What a difference a few days can make.

In the our vineyard, the changes were happening just as rapidly.
The small picture to the right shows tiny grapes.
Look carefully.  At this point they are easy to miss.
That little thing will become a grape bunch -
just perfect for squeezing and fermenting.

What else did we do?
Well, let's see.

First, Antonio's project required extensive
consultation including the consumption of food and wine.
Don't you just love projects like that?

The house isn't nearly as clean as it was two weeks ago so I definitely
haven't been cleaning house.

We have done an incredible amount of raking and weeding and watering.

Absolutely everything is planted that we intend to plant this spring -
except the apple tree.
I think it is coming on Mexican time.
Maybe tomorrow.

Stanley has done the first application of systemic insecticide on the grapes.
This product is worth its weight in gold for protecting against
the vector for Pierce's disease.

The garden is coming along nicely except for the corn.
Most of the seed has still not germinated.
I know it was late coming up last year, but this is ridiculous!
Estela brought some replacement seed from Monterrey.
If I don't see a miracle tomorrow, I'll replant.

Siesta time has become a must.
There is just no working outside after lunch.

Our world is alive with bird song.
They twitter, tweet, warble, chirp, buzz, shriek, and click.
What a joy!
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