Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week-end of March 19-21

All of Mexico celebrates the birthday of Benito Juarez
on March 21st.
Getting a grip on Mexican history isn't always easy,
but Juarez has a great place
in the heart of Mexico.
Thought of as the Lincoln of Mexico, the Great Emancipator,
he has a street, school, hospital, park, government building,or
perhaps all of the above named for him in virtually every town.
Few towns in Mexico are without at least one statue of
Benito Juarez.
When the great reverence Mexicans have for this man is combined with the
equinox and great weather and a three day week-end,
it's really hard to keep folks at home.

Of course, not everyone celebrates the same way.
A friend visiting Perote with his children is a great example.
His wife stayed in Monterrey for a much needed respite and
while he watched the little one, her older sisters were
enjoying a mud bath.

The equinox is always important and to make all things better,
the moon was making its closest orbit to the earth in ten years.
We took a bottle of sparkling wine and a bag of
strawberries up the hill to watch the moon rise.
The view was spectacular, but I got my best photo
through the trees from the patio after
we walked home.

On Sunday, we met Estela and her three granddaughters
at Hostel Farol for lunch.
As usual, the food was only so-so, but we had a great time
and the kids were wonderful.
They picked at their lunch, but devoured the flan.
Later they told me it was ok, but too sweet.
Yeah, right!
I am sad to report that the beautiful garden at Hostel Farol
was almost completely destroyed by the winter
All the trees are gone.  Only a few rose bushes and the grape vine
around the periphery of the garden stand against total loss.
Que lastima!

After lunch, Stanley and I headed back to Perote for a
quick nap, and then on to the Madero Rancho for
a lamb feast with Ferdi and Luci and a group
of friends - some from Torreon and some from here in Parras.
We had a grand time visiting with old friends and meeting
new people.
Incidentally, the lamb was delicious!

On Monday, we caught up with some computer work; I washed bottles -
a never-ending chore; and we watched the hacienda revert back
to the calm, peaceful place we know and love.
All week-end, it was packed with revelers, but with
every car that drove away, the silence deepened.