Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011

The last week has flown by.  Here are some of our doings:
The house is a little cleaner today than it was last Saturday.

The cactus garden has been completely cleaned. It is quite lovely!

The pump in the fountain has been replaced.

The dead plants on the berm around the pecan tree out front have been replaced and that whole area has been raked.

After multiple trips to town, the computer which lost its power source in the big electricity surge last Saturday is back up and running.

Stanley has removed several more mesquite trees and agave plants
The cedar tree has been moved to a new location where it can be watered all it wants and grow to its heart's content.

ALL the cholla has been removed from the garden and tossed. It was waaaaaay too much for me to work with.

We now have a berm on the lower side of the fountain to prevent fountain spillage from running into the cactus garden. It changed the pathway through the garden a bit, but it actually looks ok and works like a charm. This should help with weed control in the cactus garden.

We've enjoyed several visits from our grape-growing buddy down the road, Antonio.

Estela and her sister Gloria came to dinner last night.

The vineyard has had a complete watering. Several of the Sauvignon Blanc plants are leafing out.

The vegetable garden is coming alive. Radishes, beets, beans, and two kinds of greens have all sprouted. About half the seeds in the germination trays have sprouted. Many of them have already been moved up to small pots.

We have had our first cactus bloom of the season. A small white blossom that would have been overlooked had I not been pulling a weed two inches from the plant.

Solo Vino is still Solo Vino. No better. No worse.

We have three hummingbirds and a plethora of other birds. The wrens have pretty much taken over the place.

We've had some good meals and taken time to watch the sun set with a glass of wine every evening.

Life is good.