Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011

Around the hacienda
the new apartments are ready.
The one at the far end is really sweet.

For the electricians among my readers,
I snapped this photo of an
anti-arcing device.
Having a hard time recognizing
the insulators?

We have a new water pressure tank.
Now, if we could just get it hooked
into our system.

In the vineyard, we put up the second
set of catch wires in the new vineyard.
Not a moment too soon.
You can see the vines already
stretching beyond the wire.
The new vines are looking great!

With the freezing temperatures of
the winter, the hacienda's
olive trees really suffered.
The tree on the left is pretty much dead.
The same tree - after a severe pruning -
shows some signs of life.
We cut off about thirty feet.

Stanley's major accomplishment this week
was the construction of the new pergola.
The plan is to add bamboo as a roof and
to fill the baskets with geraniums when
we return in June.

Cactus stars!

No illegal bloom enhancing drugs were used
in the production of this spectacular bush -
just magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) as
prescribed by the well-known American
felon - Martha Stewart.

My new wheels!
I have had so much fun with my
new trike.
I also feel just a bit self-rightous.
Now a trip to town involves no
gasoline or noise.
If other folks have to slow down
to accommodate my speed,
that's all to the good.
Aside from the regular groceries,
here are two of my most interesting
loads to date:
One day, I picked up a case of beer
for Stanley and
on another day I picked up the chain saw
from the repair shop.
I've had a few giggles, lots of smiles,
and more interaction with the locals
than I ever had in the car.

Tune in next week to see what's under wraps.