Friday, April 22, 2011

April 17, 2011

There's nothing that will get your week started any faster than a little horsin' around on Sunday afternoon.
The stud in our herd of stray horses came ambling up to the bodega to find a lovely little palomino mare staked out in front.
What was he to think?  She must be there for his entertainment!  Well, she didn't think so.  She kicked him; she called him ugly horse names.  Well, a stud can only take so much abuse.  Finally he walked off in disgust.  Oh, her feelings were hurt.  She tossed her mane and snorted around for five minutes.  Typical female!

We love this restaurant.  Casa Vieja is our favorite spot for lunch in Parras.  The picture to the right is part of the decor.  It's a rather interesting image of the Pope and the Virgin.

I was on my way to town one morning when I was met by a huge group of kids on bikes.
A Mexican Bike Rodeo!
The kids were all smiles, and I was so glad I had my camera.

Politics in Mexico are always a wonder to me.  The PRI party is currently in control of Coahuila state government and they would like very much to maintain that position.  One of their tactics is La Feria. 

Seemingly dropped out of the sky, the main square filled with tents, trailers, food carts, and medical equipment.  Doctors, nurses, technicians, vision specialists, and dentists were there for everything from family planning to obesity counseling; dental exams to pregnancy tests; blood work; and general physicals.  Mexicans could register to vote, pick up some conservation information, and choose a free tree.  There was an extra long line at the tent with the free food samples.  The kids could attend one of several workshops. All in all, it was quite a party.  Of course, we didn't get an invitation, but no one seemed to mind me wandering around taking pictures.   

Two days later, the square was transformed into another kind of fair.  Semana Santa Feria de los Ninos. 

Two beautiful sunsets . . .

. . .  and a stunning moon!

This bunny thinks he's hidden.

Solo Vino is on his track!
The garden is finally big enough to photograph.
We've sampled broccoli rabbi, Swiss chard, radishes,
squash, green beans, arugula, and lettuce.
Hopefully, when we return in June, we will have a little more of all that
plus corn, pole beans, beets, carrots and lots of tomatoes. 

One afternoon, two truck loads of soldiers had a picnic in
our front yard.
I wasn't sure about taking their photo so I shot this picture
through the window screen.

Two additional home improvement projects:
A new seating area to make viewing the arroyo a
little easier . . . and a new gate for the garden.

It started with two holes,and a broken water pipe,
That required a trip to town for supplies and a quick repair . . .

Then, the gate had to be aligned and leveled.
Concrete was mixed and poured.

More aligning, bracing, and concrete . . .

And finally, a good cleaning.
We left before the braces could be removed.
It will be so nice to have this in place when
we return.

Some desert plants have the most delicate of blooms.
I found these examples in the garden this week.

One of the most interesting things about nature is the diversity
we find.
Just think about the tiny, closed bloom of the green bean and exotic, sensual bloom
on this squash.  Amazing, huh?

Finally, a word from the vineyard:
The vines are already reaching for the
bird net and the grapes are set!
Wine can't be far behind.

We left Parras at 7:00AM,
Sunday, April 17.

This has been a wonderful spring!
One for the record books!