Saturday, April 30, 2011

McAllen, San Antonio, San Antonio, San Antonio . . .

We seem to have bogged down here in San Antonio.  The original plan was to spend a couple of days with friends in McAllen and then on to San Antonio for a couple of very special birthdays, an extremely special wedding and then Easter Sunday with family.  After that it was to be Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Flagstaff, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Anchorage, and a return trip to Texas. 

By the time we got to McAllen, I knew I had troubles.  After a couple of days hobbling around, I went to the chiropractor and let him work his magic on my right leg.  Unfortunately, five minutes after I left his office, the pain was back.  Determined to be in San Antonio for all the pre-Easter events, we headed north. 

Well, I wasn't able to celebrate either birthday, but I did hobble to the wedding.  It was lovely.  The bride and groom were beaming, the children were all well behaved, and everyone was in a high good humor. 

Good luck, Katie!  We wish you and Andrew a life time of happiness!

The next day was Easter.

I went outside long enough to make a picture of the wreath on my mom's door, her magnolia tree and the neighbor's lily pot.  By that time I was exhausted.  I came inside and rested for a while and then tried to help with Easter Dinner for Stanley, Mom, Marge and myself.  I had reduced the menu to salad, steak,  and grilled vegetables.  Stanley was all set to do the steaks and vegetables.  I had nothing to do but make the salad.  Before it was done I was in tears. 

In the last few weeks, I have learned a thing or two about pain.  However, thanks to an MRI, we know now what the problem is.  I have a ruptured disc with a fragment of the disc lodged against the sciatic nerve.  There is little chance of complete recovery without removing the fragment so I have made a date with the surgeon for Monday morning at 6:00AM.   Hopefully, he will be able to clean out the fragment and send me away a new woman.  That is certainly my hope.

Look for another post when the surgery is over.

Thanks to all those who have already sent me warm messages of encouragement.

This is also a good place to acknowledge all the support and love of my sweet husband who has fetched and carried, cooked and cleaned, played chauffeur endlessly, and listened to my whimpering without complaint.  To my mother who once again has opened her home to us so very graciously.  And to my two kids who live in San Antonio who have helped pass away some time that would otherwise have been miserable.  Mil gracias!  Thank you so very, very much!