Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walking the Streets of Rovinj

The charming guy with the million dollar smile is Leo.  He makes the world's best latte macchiato.  Perfect!

Cafe Bar Katarina is on the way to almost everywhere we want to go so we see Leo almost every day.  If we go down the street and off to the right, it's even on the way to Rovinj Yacht Marina and Rovinj Small Boat Harbor, where you can see almost any kind of boat you can imagine.
Pleasure boats
 Small boats - some pleasure, some fishing, some pleasure/fishing
And bigger boats.  The biggest of the fishing boats dock at the harbor on the other side of town.

Walking the streets of Rovinj is like walking through an art gallery.  It is quite common for artists to nail or pin their work to the outside wall of their home or studio.  See something you like?  It's probably for sale.

The narrow streets are off limits to all vehicles.  The only way up through the town to the church is on foot.  It isn't a difficult climb, especially with so many visual distractions, but it is a climb.

Walking though the city gate at the bottom of the hill puts the pedestrian on flat footing right at the small boat harbor.  What a lovely place!