Friday, October 14, 2011

What a Dork!

I was feeling so puffed up for having posted the pictures from the first few days in Rovinj, I thought I would go ahead and work on some of the later pictures.  And, then, with one false move, they were gone.  I had pushed the wrong button and erased every picture made after the last posting.

Some of them were just shots of Red Island and the town of Rovinj.  They can pretty much be replaced because almost everyday here has the same relentless sunshine and beautiful ocean. 

Some of the shots were in Pula and Stanley has reassured me we can return for retakes of those.

Some won't be so easy to replace: 
The storm of horizontal rain and the absolutely spectacular sunset that followed
The cruise ship that was in port all day yesterday
Me up to my elbows first in squid and then in octopus
My first effort at preparing fresh sardines

Oh, well . . . stay tuned for new Rovinj adventures as well as the occasional effort to recreate the best of the last few days.

At least my camera card is nice and clean.  It's ready for action!

Lesson learned:  Pushing buttons is very easy to do.  Be long on consideration of the consequences; short on actually pushing the button!