Monday, October 3, 2011

We Will Always Have Venice

What a lovely place.  Perhaps we were so disappointed with Barcelona that we were desperate to fall in love again.  Perhaps there really is magic in the water that runs through those canals.  Whatever . . . we will both say - unashamedly - We loved every moment of our day in Venice. 

We arrived mid-afternoon, after our exhausting experience in Barcelona; checked into the hotel (this one really was close to the airport - as advertised,) had an early dinner, watched a bit of TV and fell into a deep sleep.  The next morning we took an early bus into the city.  What a day we had!
We walked from one side of the city to the other, popping into churches and little shops, and crossing bridge after bridge after bridge.
Including this lovely one - as lovely up close as it is on the post cards.

St. Mark's Square

More St. Mark's Square

Escape to the Island of Murano
Through a maze of canals, across the city

to watch the glass blowers in action.  I would love to show you the beautiful glass objects I saw, but no cameras were allowed in the galleries. 
Back in the city, we made our way to Al Cavallo Piazza . . .

. . . where we met the most delightful group of Irishmen you could imagine.  The gal at the end of the table was the guide for the group and I can assure you she had her work cut out for her.

Feeling guilty about ducking out of St. Mark's because of the crowds and incredibly long lines, I spent almost an hour of guilt-free pleasure in the church of Sts. Peter and Paul.  I had the whole place to myself and I enjoyed every moment.

With the sun slipping toward the horizon, we started the long walk back across the city.  Along the way, we stopped for dinner and took time for a bit of reflection.  We agreed that a return trip was a must! 

Leaving dinner, we happened to see a couple being delivered directly to a hotel by water taxi.  That did it!  I went in and made the reservation!  We can't wait!

Fair warning - there will be more about Venice in the future!