Tuesday, September 18, 2012


With Jesse safely delivered to the airport, we returned the rental car, checked on our train back to Washington DC and settled in to enjoy several hours in downtown Boston.

We saw roughly a million statues and I took pictures of at least half.  I chose one to represent the lot - in honor of my grandfather, William Phillips, I chose the statue  of Wendell Phillips.
Wendell Phillips was a fierce abolitionist, advocate for Native Americans, orator, and lawyer.  Although I can't imagine enough branches on my family tree to possibly include him, I would be very proud to do so. 

Some favorite shots of Boston
a book shop on the street,
the entire Boston Public Garden,
 church steeples,
more church steeples,
 old trees,
tree-lined paths,
hibiscus - not the size of dinner plates - more the size of serving platters,
fat chatty little squirrels,
a couple of steely frogs . . . or were they toads?
movies on the make,

art with a powerful message,
and a spectacular bridge.  

What I didn't photograph . . .

the succulent, cooked-to-perfection lobster Stanley and I shared at Legal Seafood.  Wow!

the bus/car accident we were involved in on our city bus tour.  A car pulled out of a parking lot and tried to cut in front of our bus.  He was unsuccessful.  No one was hurt, but we spent a long time waiting for the police to sort things out.

the train station.  How could I have not taken a picture of the train station?  

the famous Boston Public Garden ducks.  Now, that is unforgivable, but I do have an excuse.  Realizing I had failed miserably in my efforts to document the important aspects of our trip, my intention was to return to the garden after the bus tour.  After the accident there just wasn't time.  

The train ride back to Washington DC was uneventful - the very best kind of ride.