Sunday, September 30, 2012

Train from Vienna to Ljubljana Slovenia

Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel.  Any time I'm asked what I would really like to have as a gift, my answer is always the same:  A ticket.  It doesn't matter where the ticket takes me, I find something to love about the place.  

However, I have learned many of friends and family don't share my fascination with the unknown.  They are a bit harder to please.  Therefore, I don't usually recommend anything.  I'm quick to share my positive feelings, but I rarely say, "You would love this place."  

When those words come from me, you can be assured the experience is so special no one could find fault.  One such experience is the train ride from Vienna Austria to Ljubljana Slovenia.  Go ahead and spend the bucks for a first class ticket.  You will appreciate the big windows to help you take in all the beauty.  

Here are the best of my photos without further comment.

One introduction . . . I do not know this man's name.  He is an employee of the railroad, but I don't know what he does.  He was traveling with his family to visit his parents in a village just north of the Slovenian border.  He was the friendliest person you could hope to meet, a wealth of information about the railroad and its history, and he graciously gave me his seat as we rode through the mountains because it had a better view of the majestic peaks and deep valleys.  

All in all, he made the trip even more special!  My thanks!