Monday, September 23, 2013

A Day in Stari Grad Rovinj - Old Town Rovinj - September 22, 2013

The day started with a harvest.  A grape arbor shelters the driveway in front of our apartment and the white grapes were ready for harvest.  A group of the landlady's friends came by and within half an hour they were done.  It was a small bunch of grapes to be sure, but many residents have an arbor.  For some it is a way to keep their hand in the ancient ways of wine-making, for others it provides table grapes for a few weeks, and for others it's just a delightful way to bring shade and beauty to their front gardens.

Off to Old Town.  Here are some of the best of the photos I took that day:

The last one is a photo of Jill with the owner of the shop where she bought her little olive tree painting.  

Since it covers almost a third of the land mass of Old Town, the church is a must see!
The following are photos I took inside while waiting for the rest of the group to climb the bell tower.  After hearing their stories about rickety stairs, bell ringing, and frightened fellow climbers, I knew I had made the right decision to keep my feet on the ground level. 

Sometimes a person needs a few minutes of quiet reflection!

Leaving Old Town, we saw a small tractor pulling a wagon full of grapes up a street not much wider than the wagon.  We followed and found grapes, a home winery, and two of the cutest little kids you could hope for.

Big Sister was more than happy to stay close to Mom

but Little Brother wanted to be right in the middle of things.

Grandma sold us a bottle of wine, and we were on our way.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at the Blu Restaurant, right on the water.