Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lim Canal - September 23, 2013

Last day for Frosty, Jill, and Jake to be in Rovinj.  They elected to spend the day in Lim Canal.  On a beautiful sunny day like this there is no better place to be.  

The boat was way too crowded for good pictures, but sometimes it's good to relax and leave the picture taking to others.

I did get a few good pictures that day.

A dozen oysters for everyone at the table!

The only condiments they offered for the oysters were lemon slices and this bottle of Tabasco Louisianan Hot Sauce.  The best part was the information on the back of the bottle - every word in Croatian.

A perfect illustration of satisfaction!  (This was taken after the oyster snack.)

Feeding the birds on the way back to town.

Watching folks fly home every which way!

It was an outstanding visit!  Come back soon!