Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road to San Cristobal December 22-23

We rented the car at the Oaxaca airport and with nerves of steel, Jim drove us out of the city. We drove past the cutoff to Monte Alban, the road to Potchutla, through the town of Tule and through the village where we had purchased our rug. Almost immediately the road became a tangle of twists, turns, ups and downs. The mountains on both sides of the highway were dotted with lakes and the sky was strewn with big fluffy clouds.

We saw lots of construction and tons of signs announcing more construction yet to come.

Everyone seemed to be in a holiday mood - even the artfully designed dummy at the edge of one town.

The wind farm was particularly interesting. It seemed a strange investment in a country that has so much oil and so many other pressing problems. And, alas, it was not running!

We stopped for lunch along the way and it was truly the only unsatisfactory food we had on the entire trip.
We spent the night in Tehuantepec and drove on to San Cristobal the next day.