Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Reality

Back in San Antonio, we were quickly caught up in the family doings.

First of all, Sarah and David, Zac and Grayson have moved into their new home.
It is lovely.
Watch for pictures in an upcoming blog entry.
Away from town with a big backyard! Perfect for boys - be they teenagers or toddlers.
I spent one morning helping Sarah with some unpacking.
Now she has space for everything and more space for things yet to come.

Mom and I spent an afternoon with Kelly and Mel and Little Sterling.
What a sweetheart!
He puked on me, pooped on me, and then closed his eyes and went to sleep!

I was able to see lots of my San Antonio family. Frosty and Jill came to Mom's one night for dinner; Trey, Sarah, David, and the boys came the next night. It's always fun to cook for an appreciative audience!

We always enjoy being in San Antonio with family, but Mexico was calling our names.
We were anxious to get back home!

Back at the hacienda, the birds were nibbling on late, 2nd harvest grapes. The bird net would have to go up fast!
The vegetable garden had become a weed patch. It would have to be cleaned thoroughly before all those weeds went to seed.
The cactus garden had been overtaken by tumble weed. That just wouldn't do at all!
The olives trees still wanted pruning!

So much to do and I had a blog to write!

It was good to be home!

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