Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thoughts at Time of Thanksgiving!

Hacienda de Perote is all dressed up in its fall attire. The pecan trees have turned that special brown/ green/ yellow that only pecan trees can manage. The days are bright, warm, and sunny; the nights are cool but not cold. Perfect weather for a fireplace!

And it is perfect weather for thinking of November Treasures. Some treasures are rather ephemeral. Today the orchid is dropping its golden petals, and the cactus bloomed only a few hours. Some treasures are more long-lasting like the summer tomato vines which are still producing succulent little tomatoes that make excellent salad. Some treasures are quite unexpected as are the ten new grape vines that have produced grape bunches . With luck, we will have fresh grapes from the vineyard before we leave for the Christmas holiday.

Today, it is very easy to remember just how blessed I am!

Many of you have expressed fears about our safety here in Mexico. We appreciate your concern and do not want you to think your words of caution fall on deaf ears. We have decided, after careful consideration, that we are safe in our present location for the time being. Over the past four years we have made this our home, and as you all know, a home isn’t easily or lightly abandoned.

As we prepare to give thanks for all our many blessings, I encourage each of you to think about what is going on in Mexico, why it's happening and what you might be able to do about it.

Mexico is experiencing great difficulty in dealing with the drug cartels as well as a general atmosphere of lawlessness which has permeated the country as the line between the cartels and corrupt law enforcement blurs. This is indisputable and undeniable, but this is not a one-sided problem nor can it be solved by Mexico alone.

The United States and its citizens have played a major role in strengthening the power of the drug cartels in Mexico.

The Mexican government is constantly endangered by the high quality weapons that flow freely from the United States into the hands of the cartels.

The US government does not control the strength or quality of the mind-altering substances our citizens consume. They have elected instead to outlaw those substances thereby failing to provide even as much control over these potentially dangerous chemicals as they provide for peanut butter.

We continue fighting a costly, illogical and ineffective “war” against drugs when they could be sold legally providing much needed tax revenue.

We must make difficult decisions and take action individually and nationally.

Stricter enforcement of present laws, tougher laws yet to come, and longer prison sentences are NOT the answer! So long as we have laws which prohibit the legal sale of drugs, we will be plagued with the same problems.

Prohibition was a terrible time in our country’s history and yet it pales in the shadow of the present Drug War. If you are not concerned about the present level of violence in Mexico, please understand that it stretches closer to American cities every day.

What can you do?

Encourage Washington’s immediate attention to the legalization of recreational drugs in the United States. I firmly believe that the resolution of this issue alone would go a long way in establishing peace both in Mexico and on the international border. This action would clear the way for quality control and taxation.

We must do our part to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico and we MUST completely overhaul our failed immigration policy.

If you are blessed with a venue in which you can speak your mind – speak up!

If you are a praying person – pray!

Always thankful, I am celebrating with you in spirit, with love,


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