Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Time of Prayer

Several weeks ago, my good friend Estela was the victim of an attempted car-jacking in Monterrey. The road was blocked and a young man approached her with a gun and demanded she get out of the car. Stalling for time, she made much of getting her things together. Some may call what happened next "luck" and some may call it "God's intervention." Whatever . . . the young man was distracted, Estela saw a way around the blocking vehicle, she floored the accelerator and escaped - shaken, but safe.

Since then she has become much more active within her group of friends and colleagues advocating for peace. And she has prayed as never before.

The Virgin of Guadalupe has always been present in the entryway of her Parras home, but now there is an alter with fresh flowers and prayer cards.

This is a beautiful thing, but the fear that prompted this action cannot become the "new reality" for Mexico.