Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

After a week back in Mexico after the big Florida tour, this is a summary of what we've done.
Getting the garden planted was a big accomplishment.
By dinner time tonight, the vineyard will be completely pruned.
The patio plants which froze have been replaced.
The house is not spotless by a long shot, but it's clean enough for us.
We've cleared and racked the red wine.
Everything from the Florida trip has been unpacked and put away.
We've had one day of no electricic and one day of no water. Lived through both.
The head of the Department of Culture of Coahuila University came by for a visit. Stayed about an hour. Nice lady.
Stanley has done research on the one orchid that did not freeze in the bodega.
I've read a book about immunizations. Panic Virus. I'm amazed at what I didn't know.
The yard under the big tree has been raked.

We have started the job of pruning back the cactus garden plants that partially froze and removing some that bit the dust. The roses have been pruned.
The weather here has been perfect. So nice that we've been able to stay outside longer in the day. Hence, the long list of accomplishments. When it gets hot, we start coming inside earlier and earlier.
We have neighbors this week-end. A group came in last evening. They've been pretty quiet.

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