Saturday, May 14, 2011

San Diego CA

By the time we reached Los Angeles, our train delay was about five hours. The good news was our arrival time was just thirty minutes before the next train to San Diego. As usual, these things work out!

Jesse was there to pick us up; we went directly to the Q for housing. We were treated like royalty. Then off to inspect Jesse’s helicopter. I managed – with help – to get my old leg up and over the gear shift thingie for a little pretend flying.
The complexity of the this machine is mind-boggling! Way too many switches, and knobs, and gauges. And I reached this opinion with the computer screens completely blank. I can only imagine how it looks with all that added to the mix. What I view as dangerous and brimming with mind-bending complexity, he views as an adventure which requires knowledge and reasonable risk.

After the helicopter tour, we had dinner and called it a day!
The next morning, Jesse had to work, I knew I couldn’t walk very far, and it was chilly – all factors we took into consideration when making our decision to go on a city tour of San Diego. It was a good decision!
Jesse picked us up and delivered us to the tour headquarters in Old Town where we boarded our trolley.  Old Town was so Mexican it was like being on the other side of the river.
We saw at least a little of almost every part of the city. I didn’t take many pictures from the trolley and the ones I took were not very good, but we saw a lot. I did get reasonably good photos of boats and some beautiful plantings.

We stopped along the way for lunch across the street from the famous Del Hotel.
To say the least, the architecture in San Diego is creative. It was fun just trying to imagine what the architects were thinking as they designed some of the buildings.
When Jesse retrieved us, he had a plan: we were going to La Jolla for dinner. First thing: the restaurant he had chosen with great care was closed. So . . . we wandered the beach. What fun!
First, of course there were the birds!
Then, the seals and sea lions!

Then, the people watching the birds, seals, and sea lions!

 We drove around La Jolla, in and out of neighborhoods, down to the beach, back up the hill! I did not see one single front yard that was not spectacular! And no two the same! It was an absolute delight!  Most amazing of all was the phlox.  Some yards were covered with it; in other places it cascaded down cliffs - WOW!

Up, up, up, a very high hill to the Soledad Cross which is now a memorial to all United States service men and women. To read about the history of the cross and the controversy which surrounds it, click here.
I had a bit of fun with the whole like father/like son thing. Does anyone else see a strong resemblance?
Then, it was off to the Glider Port.
Jesse was totally hyped about the beautiful sunset we were to see, but alas, it was not to be. Clouds moved in along the horizon at the last minute and these photos capture all the sunset that wasn’t.
We finished the day off with appetizers at a wine bar in Little Italy.
The next morning, Jesse dropped us off at the train station to meet a very early and on-time train at 6:10. With no trouble, we were in LA in plenty of time to catch the Coast Starlight to Sacramento. Back in our little sleeper compartment, it was like coming home. Did I mention that I love to ride the train?