Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

The surgery was on May 2 and waking up pain-free was the very best early birthday present I could have. Two days later, the real birthday rolled around and I didn’t feel like doing anything. The pain medication had worn off, the achy feeling in my ankle had moved in to replace the intense pain and I was depressed. I was more than happy to ignore the birthday.

By the next day, my mood had improved; I had adjusted to the new aches and pains and I was ready to party – at least on a limited basis. Frosty, Jill, Mom, Stanley and I all met up at a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Confucius say, “Happy Birthday to Me!” My fortune cookie was about as appropriate as could be:

Sometimes, the very best thing
you can do is to be.

After lunch, I had an appointment at the surgeon’s office to evaluate my fitness for travel. Maria almost pushed me out the door. The directive? Go, have fun! Do what you feel like doing, rest as needed, and take short walks. DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE INACTIVE!

That night David and Sarah entertained us. They fixed a lovely steak dinner that was quite delicious, but Grayson was the star of the show!

Actually, it was a pretty good birthday celebration and I managed to stretch it out almost a week!