Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Quick Trip to Alaska

If a friend meets you at the train station miles from his home at midnight, he is a true friend.  When that same friend takes you back to the train station a week later at midnight, he is the truest friend imagineable.  Don, you are my hero!

The most remarkable thing about the train ride that next day were the beautiful mountain photo ops I had.

We spent the following night in Seattle and flew to Anchorage the next day for a quick five day visit with Donna.  No misunderstanding, there was business to attend, but my primary reason for making the trip to Alaska instead of sending Stanley by himself was the opportunity to see Donna.  As always, she did everything she could to make us feel welcome, and we poured about as much visiting into our five days as possible. 

Some of the tasks accomplished were:
A review of the cabin and what still needs to be done.  It is still one of the loveliest spots on earth.

We met with our realtor.
We met with the accountant and did our taxes.
We had a delightful dinner with Budd and Delight, and had an opportunity to talk with them about the cabin.
I had a fine time with my teaching buddies at the Fancy Moose in Anchorage. 
Stanley marked the location of some native orchids so that Kay could gather seed later to send to an orchid enthusiast in Germany.
We made a visit to the Palmer visitor center.  There were new interpretive posters and the gardens appeared to be in good order.
Aside from that, we were content to visit with Budd, Delight, Kay, Kathleen, Mike, and Donna. 
And just to be in that beautiful place called Wolverine Mountain.