Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Trip from Malaga to Rhonda

We traveled from Malaga to Rhonda by bus.  Views out the window were mostly intense agriculture framed by some fairly impressive mountains sprinkled with the occasional white village. 

The small town of Rhonda is a two-trick town:  (1) its fabulous bridge and (2) its claim to being the birthplace of the modern traditions of bullfighting and its subsequent worship of the sport.  We went for the bridge.

Coming into town, visitors approach the bridge through a large park with increasingly breathtaking views across the canyon.

And then the brige itself.  Wow!  Built between1751 and 1793 the Puente Nuevo is the tallest of three bridges spanning the two canyon walls towering 120 metres (390 ft) above the canyon floor. 

Birds cling to the canyon walls,

while violinists perched safely on top, play beautiful music
Tourists pose for photos on the bridge

And views from the other side are just as marvelous!

Looking down

Looking away

To town for lunch
And a Stanley smile at last.  Happiness is sharing a lunch of tapas and cold beer with a wife who has checked off one more thing on her "must see" list - The Bridge at Rhonda!