Friday, September 30, 2011

Playa Vera Club

The next morning, after dealing with Spanish law enforcement via the Almeria City Police and three US banks the day before, we traveled east along the Costa del Sol to the Playa Vera Club - a place where the beautiful people sport the latest fashions by night and by day sport the barest of swim suits, or more often than not, nothing at all.  It was a fun 24 hours.  Thankfully, it was way too expensive for us to stay longer.  I may have lost Stanley forever had we spent another day.

Cameras were strictly prohibited, but I did manage a few shots of the lobby and the outside of the building when no one was looking.

Almost as interesting as the people were the acres and acres of shade houses we saw between Almeria and Vera.  Known as the vegetable basket of Spain, the agriculture is intense and full time under the protection of plastic houses. 

Enough vegetables are grown in this area to supply the needs of Spain as well as much of the rest of Europe.  It was an amazing sight.  Not beautiful, but amazing.