Thursday, September 29, 2011

Low-down, Dirty, Nasty, Invasive Pick-Pocket!

Waiting for the bus in Malaga to Almeria, this low-down, dirty, nasty, invasive pick-pocket stuck his hand in my unzipped bag and helped himself to my wallet.  Aside from my driver's license (which I doubt very much he will be able to use as ID) my credit cards and cash card (which he wasn't smart enough to use), all he got was about 12 euros and a 100 peso bill.

Having a strange hand in your purse just inches away from your left breast  without your knowledge - much less your consent - is just a few steps away from personal assault.

Far worse than that is knowing what a victim profile I must have exhibited for him to take this action.  It makes me want to puke, hide a snake in my purse, and carry a big stick. 

We had already put our luggage on the bus so there was nothing to do but continue the trip.  Upon arriving in Almeria, we went to the police station to file a report and then spent about two hours contacting the credit card companies and the cash card bank.  For the next three days, the credit card company questioned every charge we made on Stanley's cards, but that seems to be the worst of it.

A word to all the women I love:  Handbags make great accessories, great for carrying tissues and condoms.  They are NOT for carrying money, charge cards, bank cards, or vital ID's.  Better to carry those things in your bra!