Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy Day in Ljubljana Slovenia

Our second visit to the beautiful city of Ljubljana, SloveniaSunday, September 30th, started much like our first - cold with a fine drizzle  -  a day better spent cuddled under a blanket with a good book than sloshing through puddles and rain soaked vegetation.  Such is not the prerogative of the serious traveler.  Rain or shine, the best must be made of each day. 

Thankfully Preseren, poet laurette of Slovenia, was still holding court.  His patient muse, still watching over him even with rain dripping from her nose.  Obviously, being a muse isn't all it's cracked up to be!

After toast and coffee, the only breakfast Slovenians seem to understand, we wandered through the market - ill attended by both vendors and shoppers on this dreary morning - 

We found two ladies happy to show us their wares.  On the left, beautiful paper art including pressed flowers.  On the right, hand-blown glass.  We found treasures we couldn't resist at both places.

And fresh fruit . . . always available at the Ljubljana Market.

Next, a quick trip to a sculpture exhibit

I love the title to this last piece:  Just as we got used to poverty, recession kicked in.

Then all aboard the little white train

and off to the castle

On the way up . . .

the castle itself

Views from the tower

An example from an exhibit of photos taken of children in central and eastern Europe 1940-1945.  You can't help wondering where this little boy is today.

Change the place and it could have been Stanley.  He's always had a thing for chickens, although he told me his chickens were much better looking than these.

The museum was rather ho-hum, but I did find some interesting details.  Modern sculpture, the ever-present war hero, the oldest flute ever found, and an ancient wind-driven rattle intended to protect vineyards from birds.  Wonder if something like that would be useful in Mexico?

Back outside, there were a jillion little flowers.  The picture to the right in the lower collage is of a horse chestnut both in flower and seed.  Love it!

Down the mountain and looking for a glass of wine.  We found a very 'colorful' bar:  Hijo de Puta.  Those of you who understand a bit of Spanish will see why this was totally unexpected in staid Ljubljana.

The next morning, we enjoyed another spartan breakfast and then enjoyed a walk around town.

I'm sorry we missed the concert.  As we were walking out of the square we could hear the first few notes.  Another time, I would have found a bench and enjoyed the music, but we had a bus to catch.  Rovinj, here we come!